Change is...surprisingly not terrible

October 30, 2017

So in an earlier post I mentioned that I walked my younger son to school every day--ten blocks total. I did this in addition to my JJ Dancer workouts on YouTube. Well, time has become more scant with writing projects, etc. so  I was finding it more and more difficult to fit my work outs into my schedule. My solution was to start running the ten blocks to the preschool instead. Kill two birds with one stone. I hate that saying--so violent. Poor birds. Ah! I just Googled another one-- "Feed two birds with one seed." I like that! I'll use that from now on.


Now let me just say, one of the things I hate even more than working out is running-- the panting in view of everyone; the way my arms seem to do an awkward scooping motion; the way runners are so specific in their choice of shoes and snooty about the fact that they run in the first place. All of it. But I started doing it out of necessity. When I reach my house I do a loop around our cul-de-sac, and my running app clocks the distance at just over a mile. This is big for me. I've been doing it for two weeks now and I've come to actually not dread it. My son rides his Scuut bike in front of me and I run at a GLACIAL pace behind him. I run in place at the stop signs and keep the rapid footwork going in the preschool until I kiss him goodbye. (I do feel a little stupid at this point but I suck it up.)  


I realize to those of you reading who are runners that I'm late to the game. But I say to you--I had my routine down! I did my workouts two to three days a week and that was my thing! I've changed it up. I now run. I may even start doing a MILE AND A HALF. But not yet. Let's not get crazy. The whole change thing got me thinking about the way I think and write. On my show, I'm writing an episode that's different from any we've ever done. (Or at least I will be if the idea is approved by the network!) It will change the way we see one of the characters. And it's a change in general in how we tell stories on our show. It's new. It's different. And it may not work. That's why change can be scary. But it can also feel good once you do it.


I can also tell running has affected the way I think. I can run a mile without stopping completely so I'm more confident. Because I'm more confident, I'm more vocal in the writers room. Guys, this could lead to all kinds of things.Who knows? Maybe if I can get up to two miles I'll write a movie and a novel! I have a friend who has a podcast where he talks about all things running related called Shut Up, Tommy! He's really into marathons, training and what he calls his "run family"--friends he runs and trains with in the Atlanta area where he lives.  I admire that. But I don't want to do that. For now, my mile seems both manageable and challenging. 


The older we get, the more difficult change can be. I'm on the older side and I fully admit I'm often slow to change. Set in my ways. Routine oriented. But I think my mile will help me continue to consider the power of change. Writers, do you need some change? Do it! You'll feel better. Or you'll feel scared. But that's okay. I run for ten blocks with no make up. There's nothing scarier than that.










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September 23, 2017

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