Hitting Reset

March 18, 2018

Ooookaaaaaay. So, it's been a while since I posted. When I started, my goal for blog additions was twice a month. If I got super busy, I thought, then once a month would be fine. So what the hell happened, you ask? Several things. My show got busier in that I had to focus on writing and rewriting my episode. I also had to turn in a draft of a movie. Doing both of those has been all consuming. But the most difficult thing by far has been the not sleeping. I'm an insomniac. I don't suffer from it year round but I go through periods. This most recent one almost did me in. I swear, I didn't think I'd make it! If you haven't ever suffered from insomnia, you can't begin to imagine the kind of fatigue and desperation that sets in. And to be clear, by insomnia I don't mean a few restless nights due to stress. I'm talking about months full of nights wherein you fall asleep but can't stay asleep. Or you can't fall asleep so you close your eyes and lie there listening to your husband's heavy breathing and the occasional car going by outside--ALL.NIGHT.LONG.


I tried making lists of things that were weighing on my mind. I tried drinking banana smoothies. I tried turning my alarm clock away from me so I couldn't see the time. I stopped drinking alcohol completely. Nothing was helping. I figured eventually sleep would return as it always did. But it didn't. I took the occasional sleeping pill which knocked me out but I knew this wasn't a long term solution. The worst thing about insomnia--besides the not sleeping--is that it affects EVERYTHING else in your life. It affects your appetite, your work, your exercise schedule, your sex drive, your mood and your looks. During the worst of my insomnia, I would glare at my bed, resenting it. I would watch my husband climb into it and fall asleep midconversation with me while I was still brushing my teeth. Sigh. It wasn't fair. It was like being in the worst of The Upside Down. I was, however, able to turn things around.


What ended up working for me was the following: 1) not bringing my laptop into my bed 2) going to bed around the same time every night 3) taking 2 tsps of magnesium powder about an hour before bed time 4) listening to guided meditation on my iPhone (with earbuds). The one good thing about this latest bout of insomnia is that it resulted in a reset of sorts for me. I now try to appreciate every day after a good night's rest. I try to push myslef harder during my workouts because I know it'll help me sleep better at night. And I try to "relish the routine" of going to bed. My mind's right. My body's getting there. And my writing is back to being enjoyable. I hope you never have to deal with insomnia. It truly sucks. But if you do, maybe you'll find some helpful tips here. There's nothing like a good night's sleep. Below is a pic of me on location in NOLA looking what I call "good tired." This means being tired due to an exhausting day rather than a night of no sleep but armed with the knowledge that you'll sleep well that night. If you have suffered from insomnia, what's worked for you? 





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September 23, 2017

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